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This is the official website of Marcus Duveskog. On this site you will find basic information about me and my life.


Who am I

I am a Swede who prefers to see myself as a world citizen. My childhood was spent between Sweden and Kenya. My early years in Kenya gave me a love for the African continent and I nowadays reside in South Africa which is also the place where I found my beautiful wife Heidi. I see South Africa as my base and Southern Africa as my main working field. I am an educational technologist with a special interest in ICT for Development. Through my research and work for University of Eastern Finland I have gained extensive experience on participatory design with youth in several African countries and contexts (Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia). During 2016 I have been working for the project ICT4EEDU and founded the company 'Contextualize' together with my wife Heidi focusing on contextual learning solutions.

Professional interests

ICT for development, Participatory Design, Digital Storytelling, HIV and AIDS education, Technology enhanced learning, Kids' Club, Educational gaming and Youth empowerment.

Personal interests

People, travelling, kayaking, raquet sports, TV, Web, family and friends.