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Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling uses digital media to express, store and share stories. The difference between digital storytelling and traditional storytelling is that the first mentioned, through the use of evolving new technologies, opens up new possibilities to presenting and sharing stories (through the Internet for instance).  Digital storytelling allows for more interactivity and facilitates options for non-linear storytelling. Digital stories are generally presented through the combined use of photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text and a narrative voice.

While storytelling has been widely used in the entertainment industry (through television, the game industry, theatre, books and to some extent even music) it has been afforded a marginalised role in our educational systems.  I believe storytelling could fulfil a very crucial role in future education, especially as learning becomes progressively more digital in nature.  The demand for more captivating and entertaining ways to deliver educational content is growing and making use of educational stories could fulfil a part of that demand.

As technology can serve as a neutral platform for discussing otherwise taboo topics, I believe that digital storytelling can play a very important role in educating the youth on sensitive topics where traditionally held beliefs or attitudes need to be challenged.  Suggested topics for digital storytelling would be for instance bullying, domestic violence, drug abuse, female circumcision or conflict resolution.

My work with digital storytelling begun when I co-designed a digital platform for HIV and AIDS education with youth in Iringa, Tanzania in 2008. The platform called Sura ya UKIMWI meaning The Face of AIDS in English was based on real life stories told by youth. I have since given workshops on digital storytelling in Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa.

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The title for my PhD is: Digital storytelling for HIV and AIDS education in Africa